Crisis Response in Ukraine

In the event of a continuing, protracted war in Ukraine, 18 years of socio-economic achievements could be lost, with almost one third of the population living below the poverty line and a further 62% at high risk of falling into poverty within the next twelve months, according to an early projection released today by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


UNDP is joining with UN agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations and civil society to provide a comprehensive response to the escalating crisis in Ukraine both within the country and in neighbouring countries that are receiving Ukrainian refugees. The Flash Appeal will support those affected inside Ukraine, while the Regional Refugee Response Plan will provide vital support to protect and assist those fleeing Ukraine.


In neighbouring countries, and in support of the inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan, UNDP is working with UNHCR to ensure a strong focus on resilience and development for the millions of displaced people who have fled the violence. UNDP’s support will also provide emergency healthcare services and psychosocial counselling for refugees, transportation services including ambulances and buses to bring people across the border, as well as temporary accommodation and shelter. 

Kyiv railway station. 3 March 2022. Photo: Oleksandr Ratushnyak, UNDP Ukraine


Refugees & their animals

As millions of people flee Ukraine for safety, many pets and animals have been stranded. Additionally, hundreds of animal shelters, veterinary clinics and rescue centres, as well as thousands of families with pets who remain in Ukraine, are struggling to find food for the animals in their care, and providing veterinary care for injured or sick animals is increasingly challenging as supplies are at risk of running out.


The Lion’s Share’s partner, Humane Society International (HSI), is working with local NGOs and the Romanian Red Cross to care for animals caught up in the war. HSI has donated a tonne of pet food to the Romanian Red Cross, which the agency will take into Ukraine and distribute according to need.  


HSI is also working with other local animal welfare groups in Germany, Italy and Poland to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict with their beloved pets by providing emergency supplies at refugee reception points. Supported by a generous donation from Mars, Incorporated, the charity is providing pet food, blankets as well as veterinary care for refugees arriving with animal companions.


HSI’s Germany director, Sylvie Kremerskothen Gleason, says: “We have heard from refugees we’re helping in Berlin that the loyal companionship of their pets has kept them and their families going on the arduous journey to safety. For children especially, their pets are an enormous source of comfort to help them cope with the trauma of war. These refugees are frightened and exhausted, so being able to help them care for their pets means they have one less thing to worry about at a time when they need help the most.


Learn more about HSI’s Emergency Response Plan in Ukraine here.




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Cover photo: Humane Society International